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Hi all.
I'm just a hobbyist with 3D images and montages since nearly ten years ago.
Up to date I just do it as a hobbie, trying to enjoy it and sharing from time to time my images with all of you, when I have some free time.
My favourite themes are bondage, bdsm, fetish, latex, superheroes, fantasy... sometimes separately, and sometimes mixing some or all them.
So, thanks so much to all who have been looking in my page any time, hoping you enjoy at least one of the images.


Anime way revenge by phoenixbird
Anime way revenge
Judy and Faith had been together at high school years ago, but they weren't friends then. Judy was always laughing of Faith because she liked so much reading manga and watching anime, and she humiliated Faith always she had a chance.

Now years have passed, and Faith is a very successful scientist, while Judy is a shallow woman, using her physical to achieve her goals.

Faith's businesses made her to return to the city of her childhood... and she had never forgot about Judy... Faith wanted revenge, and she planned it. In her freetime she developed something very special that she had already tested and that was perfect for Judy.

One day Judy received a letter that told her that she had won some kind of japanese beauty treatment for two persons. Judy was so happy for that, and called to her best friend, Anis, another shallow woman, of course... So they went to the place that was pointed in the letter.
Once they were there, a receptionist guide them to a room and ask them for removing their clothes and wait. A few minutes later they were naked waiting, when suddenly they thought that something was smelling strangely... but in a few seconds, both were fainted.

Judy awoke confused. She was stand, someone was holding her. Her hands and feet were tied up with leather cuffs, and she was gagged with a big ring gag. Judy started to be scared. In front of her was Anis, wearing a bald rubber mask with shiny black eyes... an anime girl mask. And next to her there was a woman... Judy recognize her, she was Faith, and was holding another mask in one hand, and some kind of remote control in the other hand. Finally Faith said:

- Hi Judy! So long since I saw you last time. I am so happy you came here, and with your great friend! Best that I thought... Well, let's get down to business. - Faith pressed some buttons from a remote control.

Ani's mask made a soft sound and the eyes of the mask turned on with a green bright. In a second, a long green hair appeared over the mask and, surprisingly, more rubber began to expand from the mask, starting to cover Ani's body. Ani was screaming and trying to resist, but it seemed to be futile.

- This is very advance technology, - Faith said - using smart nanoparticles and rubber..., but I suppose your brain doesn't understand that. Summarizing, the rubber will cover and will remodel all her body. The mask will control the rubber body with your friend in it. When it finishes, she will be an anime doll under my orders and I will be able even to turn her off, like a robot. She will be conscious of everything, but won't be able to do anything. From now on I am going to call her Gurín. By the way, this other mask I have... it is for you.

Judy screamed with the gag and tried to jump.

- Ao, hold her, we just need to put the mask on her.

Judy realized now that who was holding her was another anime doll, that now hold her head so strong she couldn't fight against the doll's hands. Faith came closer with the mask, smiling:

- I will ungag you and put the mask on your head. When it is activated it will choose your colour... I hope it is a beautiful colour, because you are going to be my favourite slave, my beautiful anime slave doll.

Meanwhile, Ani's body was completely covered and her screamings and struggles stopped. Now she was standing there, quiet, waiting for Faith's orders...
I called my heroines girls to prepare a Christmas greeting to you all. I asked them to come with their normal costumes and prepared for the family photo ... but I think they have not payed too much attention to me, or have made it in their own way. Anyway, it is still WIP, but soon the result of the greeting will come, in one way or other... :p

Wip by phoenixbird
  • Mood: Artistic

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