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Hi all.
I'm just a hobbyist with 3D images and montages since nearly ten years ago.
Up to date I just do it as a hobbie, trying to enjoy it and sharing from time to time my images with all of you, when I have some free time.
My favourite themes are bondage, bdsm, fetish, latex, superheroes, fantasy... sometimes separately, and sometimes mixing some or all them.
So, thanks so much to all who have been looking in my page any time, hoping you enjoy at least one of the images.
I want to share with all of you this great work that is being done by AnyaStorm :iconanyastorm:
She is gathering all OCC superheroes and villains that she can, and making an stats sheet of each one and making a classification of them.
Thanks so much for this wonderful work, Anya!

Here is the link to her Character stats system:…
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Gravity Girl: Turntable and Stats by phoenixbird
Gravity Girl: Turntable and Stats
Sarah was always a good student, and very curious for sciences. On her last year of career, she visited with her mates Talia Rub's factory, one of the best tech enterprises in the world. They were very near to get a gravitational technology that will allow to build space ships with their own gravity, so it would be much more easy to fly into the space. Sarah always was the first of the group, listening to all explanations from the scientists there. When they arrived to the room where the gravitational machine was, she was amazed. It was huge, and silent, and... suddenly a noise came from the machine, and in a second it blew up, and all became dark...

Sarah woke up in a hospital, she felt good. Soon she remembered the last she saw, that machine exploded. Later a doctor explained to her that everybody near that room at the factory didn't survive, and that she was found inexplicably unharmed.

Some weeks passed and soon she realized that she could manipulate gravity on any object, even on herself wich let her fly away... At first she was scared, but she managed to control her powers. She also was stronger than usually, and always healed in a faster way than a normal person.

Since that day Sarah decided to use her power for good. She returned one night to the place of the incident, and found an intact suit there. Surely it was meant to be used someday in the spacial tests, but now there was no machine... She took the suit, made some changes, designed a mask, and, some days later, Gravity Girl was born.


Thanks so much to AnyaStorm :iconanyastorm: for Gravity Girl's stats.
You can check her 'Character stats system' gallery here:…
Siderea: Turntable and Stats by phoenixbird
Siderea: Turntable and Stats
"As we all know, the planet Krypton was destroyed, and its, theoretically, only survivor came to Earth to become the greatest heroe of all time, Kal-El.

Later it was learned that a city of Krypton, Argo City, broke away from the explosion, surviving as an asteroid. Argo City was the site of origin of Kara Zor-El, better known as Supergirl.

Well, they were not the only survivors. A small island of Krypton broke away from the explosion as well. On this island was the city of Ximalion. A city thriving in young scientific minds, every day innovating on the technology of the planet. But Ximalion wasn't as lucky as Argo City. The Ximalion asteroid was going towards two black holes, and the radioactivity of the exposed rocks was affecting all citizens, making them steriles generation after generation. Some centuries later, no one could procreate. The last baby born, was a girl called Siderel-Zal, and there were just five persons living in Ximalion.

Now Siderel is a very intelligent girl. She studied all researches she could from archives, from the historicals Jor-El's documents to her parents' attempts for saving Ximalion from its fate, near those two black holes. But now she was the last one. Her old teacher and she herself were the last citizens alive, and he died a couple of weeks ago. Siderel didn't find the way for saving the city from its fate, but she thinks she has get the way of going out from that "prison". Using all the knowledge that she could get in her life, she built some kind of ship. In theory, it could make her travel anywhere in the known universe. She was sure she had discovered where the Jor-El's ship, mentioned in historical records, had been headed. She was not going to lose anything by trying it. She knew staying in Ximalion she will going to die alone, but if she goes out in that ship... who knows? She also knows that the proximity of the two black holes distorts the time continuity, but what she doesn't know is if it was going to be a journey to the future, or to the past...

So there she is, watching the darkness of the deep space, the ship waiting for her, and, maybe, her new home out there...

Siderel-Zal takes a step inside the ship, and begins her journey towards her destiny…”


Yesterday, :iconankobrown: asked me for a turntable where he could see all Siderea's costume, so I thought, why can't I do a little more? I began to test some animated turntables, and then I thought that I could do this for introduce my characters in a better way than I've done before.

I also took the great stats that AnyaStorm :iconanyastorm: is doing with all OCs, and actually I liked how it looks. So thanks so much to Anya again!
You can check her 'Character stats system' gallery here:…

A real Challenge: Exitium
Siderea had not seen a challenge like this one since she arrived to Earth. That was a real monster that no one knows from where it came. From its mouth only a scream that seemed to say 'Exitium'.
At first it was easy, some Siderea's punches, or even Gravity's gravitational powers could easily defeat the beast. But it didn't die. It became stronger, more resistant, and learned to fight its enemies. Faster, stronger, and it even could change its body density to avoid Gravity's powers.
Last punch over Siderea was so hard that all windows around them were broken into pieces, and Siderea kneeled, breathless near the beast. Gravity tried a desperate attempt, but the beast grabbed her. Siderea now tries to stand up, for sure Gravity won't endure as much as she did... 

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