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¡The adventures of GravityGirl and her friends against the evil Rubytech continues in this new scene!

06 - An unexpected meeting -…

And If you want to remember or read the whole story here are the previous scenes:

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Fifth day: The decision by phoenixbird
Fifth day: The decision
Previosuly --> Fourth day: Kymber learns her lesson


Kymber woke up, five days had passed, so fast... This last day Kenya went to her room to say good morning, and to take off the collar and the hood Kymber had worn for these days:

- So Kymber, at this moment I'm not your Mistress, it is the day of your decision.

Kymber looked at her a little disappointed, but tried to smile:

- Oh... yes. I think this is it. Em... I mean, I enjoyed almost all the time. Thanks for everything and I hope to see you again soon.

Kenya smiled:

- Of course, if that is what you want. Rachel will prepare your suitcase, don't worry. You can dress you're ordinary clothes, uh - Kenya winks to her, hinting that she was still naked and then left the room.

Kymber put on her dress and shoes while she was talking to herself - "well, time to go to my life"... "that was, just five days"... "five... amazing days"... "oh Kenya seemed so glad with my massages..."... "damn, what happens to me? I'm nearly crying, I'm already missing Kenya... and Rachel"... "oh shit!!"

Kymber run down the stair looking for Kenya and when she found her she kneeled before her and took her hand:

- Mistress! Oh please, Mistress! Don't let me go! I want to be yours from now on! I promise to learn how to be a better submissive for you. I was so happy these days... please... - Kymber was almost crying.

Kenya smiled relieved:

- Oh my dear thing! Of course I want to have you! I only wanted you to want it, this have to be always volunteer... I'm so happy you ask me for it! Welcome to my house definitely.

Near to them Rachel was in silence, smiling, and nearly crying too, she was so happy to hear that...

Fourth day: Kymber learns her lesson by phoenixbird
Fourth day: Kymber learns her lesson
Previously --> Third day: Punishment lesson.


The fourth day had come. Kymber woke up before Rachel went to call her, and went stairs down, she was hoping Mistress Kenya wanted another feet massage this morning. At the stairs she found Rachel, she had a sad expression and told her that Mistress was asking for her.
Kymber was thinking what could happened to Rachel, but went quickly to where Mistress were. She stopped perplexed at the door. Mistress Kenya was wearing red fetish clothes and she had prepared what seem to be plaster ready to use:

- Good morning Kymber, I hope you slept well and enjoyed the last day with Rachel...

Kymber felt afraid and remorse at that moment. How did she knew?

- Yesterday I came early from the work, I wanted to give you a surprise, and the surprise was given to me. I saw latex turn you on, right? well, that you'll have today. Your first punishment. Come here.

Kymber thought that it was useless to ask for her pardon, so she obeyed her. Kenya made her lie on the floor, and used the plaster to immobilise Kymber's limbs. After a few minutes she was trapped in an very uncomfortable and embarassing position. Kenya dragged her near the chair and sit on it:

- And now it's time for the massage in the morning, but today I'll do it to you. You wanted latex, here are my latex feet, you must learn to only want mine. We have all the day for you learn the lesson, I don't have to go to work today.

Kenya rubbed all Kymber's body with her feet, and not always in a nicely way. She turned on her one and another time, and always stopped when Kymber was going to have an orgasm... It was going to be a long day for Kymber.


Continues here --> Fifth day: The decision
Third day: Punishment lesson. by phoenixbird
Third day: Punishment lesson.
Previously --> Second day: Morning routine


The day before Kenya realised of Rachel's envy when Kymber was licking her feet so she talked to her when Kymber was sleeping:

- I noticed that you were jealous about I ordered Kymber the massage. You know I won't tolerate that, so, I'm afraid I have to punish you. Tomorrow you will spend the day enclosed in the latex sack, isolated, so you can think about your jealousy.

- Yes Mistress - Rachel answered embarrassed - I deserve your punish and I will do it.

So, early in the morning in this third day of Kymber as slave, Rachel was isolated inside the latex sack, with just two holes so she could breathe. Kenya went to work, after Kymber gave her another "feet massage", so now there were both slaves alone at home.
It was midday, and Kymber was really bored. Mistress didn't tell her anything to do, and she was now thinking about the last days. It was amazing, she almost was liking pleasing Kenya, and now she wasn't sure about what to do the fifth day. The only problem was that she was always hot doing anything she was ordered to, and never allowed to "let herself go".
Suddenly she look at Rachel on the floor, that was turning her on again. She couldn't resist anymore, she must to release all that tension she had because of all the last days. "Anyway, who was going to know she did... surely Rachel wouldn't say anything to Mistress". Kymber went to Rachel, and began to caress the latex. First with her hands, and then with her whole body. Rachel tried to resist at first, but then she began to touch herself as she could. She also was excited. That was so hot for Kymber that she wanted more, now. She opened wide her legs and sit on Rachel face and began to rub with no control of herself until she got a big orgasm... "So good..." She moaned at the end.

It may have been a great third day, but what Kymber and Rachel didn't know was that Mistress Kenya had seen the whole scene without they knew...


Continues here --> Fourth day: Kymber learns her lesson
Second day: Morning routine by phoenixbird
Second day: Morning routine
Previously --> First Day: Some Theory <da:thumb id="450052868">


Kymber couldn't sleep well last night. She was so nervous and excited thinking about what would happen this second day, and the floor was not too comfortable... Her thoughts were interrupted when Rachel came in the room:

- Good morning Kymber. Let's up, Mistress wants to test you and I must prepare you.

Rachel brought some kind of latex dress and helped Kymber to wear it. She made her to put her arms back, in so incomfortable position... When the suit was put, Kymber couldn't move her arms at all.

- Come on, Mistress is waiting for you - said Rachel- . Today Mistress will give you a great honor - said with an envy tone in her voice.

They went to another room where Kenya was resting on a chair:

- Oh good morning Kymber. I hope you are enjoying this first days at home. Come close and kneel before me. Rachel, you kneel in that corner and just watch.

Both did what their mistress ordered to them.

- Very good, good girls. Now Kymber, in half an hour I have to go to work, and I want to get there relaxed, so today I will let you to massage my feet instead of Rachel. - Rachel bend down her head sadly, while Kymber was wondering how could she do that with her arms tied back. Mistress Kenya look at her smiling and said - With your mouth and thonge, my little thing.

Kymber opened wide her eyes, but she obeyed. She bend herself for reaching Kenya's feet, and started to kiss them... It was so humiliating...

- Open that mouth, - Kenya said - I want to feel it better... I know you are learning, but you know you must suck...

Kymber doubted, but she finally started to suck her feet. She licked her Mistress soles, sucked her toes one by one... she really had focus in that labor. Soon Kymber was surprised by herself... she was enjoying that and getting excited again!

Kenya got so realxed that she almost fell sleep - Oh so good... you are doing so good... It's a marvelous surprise for me.

Rachel was near the other wall, watching all in silence. She was glad her Mistress was having fun, but she was feeling jealous because of that situation. Mistress Kenya's feet alwas had been her privilege until that day.


Continues here --> Third day: Punishment lesson.

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