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Hi all.
I'm just a hobbyist with 3D images and montages since nearly ten years ago.
Up to date I just do it as a hobbie, trying to enjoy it and sharing from time to time my images with all of you, when I have some free time.
My favourite themes are bondage, bdsm, fetish, latex, superheroes, fantasy... sometimes separately, and sometimes mixing some or all them.
So, thanks so much to all who have been looking in my page any time, hoping you enjoy at least one of the images.
I want to share with all of you this great work that is being done by AnyaStorm :iconanyastorm:
She is gathering all OCC superheroes and villains that she can, and making an stats sheet of each one and making a classification of them.
Thanks so much for this wonderful work, Anya!

Here is the link to her Character stats system:…
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Hanketsu's suit - 3
First --> Hanketsu's suit - 01
Previously --> Hanketsu's suit - 02


Gravity arrived to the heroines base. Every single computer and screen were on, working on something, but nobody was there. "What's going on?" - she thought. Computers were searching for the other superheroines and was sending a message for going to the base as soon as they could... the same message that Gravity had recieved some minutes ago. "But, who sent this?" she thought again, "here is something wrong, I have to fix it". So Gravity went to a computer and started to close all the calls one by one. But she haven't finished yet when started to feel too tired, not tired, exhausted and dizzy. In some seconds she couldn't barely see but a blur at the screen, and her powers just weren't in her, when that bright blue hand touched her shoulder:

- No way, this... is... impossible... gravex? here? - she could barely say.

Hanketsu was there and tied her up with some secure cuffs while Gravity offered no resistance:

- It's been ages since I last saw you, Gravity, I see you are happy to see me. I really don't understand how no one could defeat you before. Look at you, you are so helpless. It's ok, I've seen you have stopped some of my signals, but there are still some of them calling your friends. It's ok, I'll made this my base and we'll wait for them here.

Hanketsu's laughed and took Gravity by her neck to another room.


To be continued.
Hanketsu's suit - 02
Previously -->  Hanketsu's suit - 01


Siderea woke up without strenght, tied up and hanging on some kind of device. Tried to release from the cuffs, but it was futile, she could feel how there was kryptonite in her mouth well secured, and could barely see all her clothes here and there on the floor. There was nothing she could do, and then she heard the giggle again, while a glowing green silhouette was approaching to her:

- Morning Siderea, you've been sleeping for a long time now.

Hanketsu smiled and caressed her chest with that kryptonite hand. Siderea tried to scream painfully.

- I'm sorry, my suit have kryptonite more concentrated than your gag - smiled, watching at her own suit - You see? my suit is almost finished and works great as you can... feel. The best part of it is that can change its composition to another element at any time. For example, lets try with some gravex...

Siderea struggled all her strength let her do while Hanketsu's suit was turning into a glowing blue substance.

- Yes, you got it, smart girl. Gravity will be next one to try this...


Next -->…

If you want to know a little more about Hanketsu and gravex --> Hanketsu makes the 'gravex'
Hanketsu's suit - 01
Siderea was the first one arriving to the league base. That is the place where all her superhero friends use to meet when it is necessary. She recieved the mensaje, but no one seem to be there since days ago, it was dark and cold.

What came next was too fast for Siderea, and seemed to be impossible to her. First she heard a little giggle from behind, and before turned back to see, Siderea recieved a hit that took her to the floor. She suddenly felt so weak and everything turned green... and it was surrounding her neck, tightening more and more... what was that? Kryptonite legs?

The giggle came back again, and finally heard the mysterious foe speaking to her:

- Surprised, Siderea? My apologies about my rudeness, but this is the first time I try this prototype of the dress I am developing - she stopped a moment for tightening more her legs around Siderea's neck - It can adquire some elements properties, and as you can see, kryptonite is one of those.

Hanketsu tightened her legs a little more, feeling how Siderea was getting more and more weak, until she finally fainted in that terrifying hug.


Next -->…

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